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KALING: Yes. I happened to be in baseball camp, and I also had been terrible at baseball, which can be astonishing to most likely nobody.

KALING: Yes. I happened to be in baseball camp, and I also had been terrible at baseball, which can be astonishing to most likely nobody.

But during the end of this baseball camp, i obtained a – i believe it absolutely was an involvement trophy. And we brought it house, and I also ended up being therefore happy with it. And my mom picked it, and she was told by me, my mother, about this. And she stated, you did not understand this for doing any such thing. And she, i believe, either threw it away (laughter) or hid it away or something like that, however it had been very devastating for me as a youngster I thought was, like, some kind of hard-earned award for my inherent goodness and just thrown it away that she had taken this – what.

But which was a truly big deal on her, is awards and things, getting addicted to the emotions of prizes once you do not deserve them. And I also do not think she liked that of great deal of American tradition in – like, in training because i believe there is plenty of things like that growing up during my primary college. We felt like there clearly was a complete great deal of, like, why don’t we make everybody else feel great simply for being by themselves, and she would not sign up to that at all.

GROSS: Yeah. How do you reconcile how your mom attempted to provide you with up, using the focus on, like, boosting self-esteem, and which way you think youare going to go in as a mom?

KALING: I absolutely think it is more important because i do believe boosting our self-esteem wasn’t vital that you my mother (laughter), I do not think at all. It had been not at all something that happened to her. Thus I genuinely believe that, for me personally, it really is more essential. It is simply various parenting designs. Like, i actually do think there clearly was some value in – you understand, in praise for – you know, like, my child can do one thing – like, she will not drop her food on to the floor (laughter), and I also will praise her for the her to feel good about not doing those things because I want. I have a little bit of a different parenting style than my mom in that way so we have. I actually do provide plenty of positive reinforcement for not really doing things that are bad. And I do not think she really was like that.

GROSS: Mindy Kaling, it is simply been a pleasure to consult with you. If only you a healthy body during this actually terrible amount of the pandemic and health to your child along with your daddy and all sorts of the individuals whom you worry about.

KALING: Thanks, Terry. Many thanks a great deal for having me personally. It had been this kind of pleasure speaking with you, as always.

GROSS: Mindy Kaling’s brand new series “Never Have we Ever” has become streaming on Netflix.

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