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Bill Maher: Married Men Harass Women ‘Because They Usually Have Sh*tty Intercourse Everyday Everyday Lives’

Bill Maher: Married Men Harass Women ‘Because They Usually Have Sh*tty Intercourse Everyday Everyday Lives’

The Time’ that is‘Real host turn off by Joy Behar together with regular Beast’s Betsy Woodruff for laying fault in the spouses of intimate harassers.

Matt Wilstein

On he tried to make up for it by dedicating most of his monologue to the “growing list” of sexual predators who have been exposed in recent weeks friday.

But simply whenever you thought he could be coming around with this problem, he blew it during the last second by basically blaming the wives associated with intimate harassers.

Maher started by speaking about just how hot it was in Los Angeles for October. “It ended up being 104 in Hollywood, ” he told their audience. “As if Harvey Weinstein requires another explanation to open up their robe. ”

“Historians will keep in mind. It is now time all of it changed in the us with this issue, ” Maher proceeded, turning more severe for a moment that is brief. “This is watershed material, what’s happening now with intimate harassment. Most of the stones are arriving over, we have been seeing bugs underneath. ”

Which brought him to Bill O’Reilly and their recently disclosed $32 million settlement for presumably intimately harassing A fox news that is former colleague. “What the fuck must you do in order to price $32 million? ” Maher asked incredulously. The host calculated that “seeing Bill O’Reilly’s cock is 21,000 times even worse than radiation poisoning! After noting that victims of this Fukushima tragedy in Japan just got $1,500 an item”

“You understand this growing range of individuals and also you see movie mogul Don, director gone, reporter gone, corporate CEO gone, ” Maher added, in the only moving mention of the growing allegations against Morning Joe regular Mark Halperin. “President regarding the united states of america? He remains. What’s that most about? ”

He proceeded to phone brand brand brand new #Resistance user Sen. Jeff Flake “the Rose McGowan of this Republican Party, ” talking about the actress and prominent Weinstein accuser. “Except as opposed to the other Republicans joining him because of the #metoo tales, they truly are continuing to let Trump molest them. ”

And unlike Stephen Colbert, Maher had no nagging issue thinking the accusations against previous President George H.W. Bush. “Yes, children, I’m speaing frankly about the 93-year-old that is apparently addicted to crack—ass break. ”

Maher could hardly cope with the joke that is terrible Bush Sr. Would inform ladies before grabbing their behinds (Punchline: “David Cop-a-Feel’). He even condemned the president that is 41st spokesperson for excusing the behavior as an effort to “put individuals at simplicity. ”

“You understand it is bad whenever W. Is certainly going, please dad, stop embarrassing the household, ” Maher concluded.

Later on, through the panel percentage of the show, The View’s Joy Behar, who had been marketing her Trump-themed book the fantastic Gasbag, was less “optimistic” than Maher about our big “watershed” moment. “Most men will be the individuals in power, ” she said. “They’re the people who intimidate the ladies and those whom state you aren’t likely to have the task until you glance at my penis. ”

Whenever Maher asked Behar their question about O’Reilly’s settlement, she quipped, “I wouldn’t fuck him for $32 million. I do not understand just what that girl was done by him, but he’s not well well worth $32 million. ”

After that, Maher made a decision to mention that the guys accused of sexual abuse constantly appear to be hitched. “Because they will have shitty sex lives, ” he posited.

“That’s got nothing in connection with it, ” Behar said. “Halperin is accused of masturbating beneath the desk while he’s conversing with someone, just exactly what’s that got related to him being hitched?

“Yeah, let’s perhaps perhaps not bring the spouses involved with it, ” The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff told Maher.